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DVD 63      Teaching Strategies
Super Groups: Creating Engaging Group Times
Washington, DC: Teaching Strategies, Inc., 2009

  • offers key teaching strategies to make group times more enjoyable for both children and teachers
  • includes three complete 30-minute video programs that model key techniques to engage and involve children ages 3 – 8 years.
  • Come Join In! – introduces three guidelines for successful group times: choosing appropriate activities, creating a safe environment, and making activities interactive
  • Give Yourself a Hand – focuses on positive guidance strategies for group time and addresses planning and implementation
  • Once Upon a Time – demonstrates ways of reading aloud that get children actively involved and support their understand of the story

DVD 114     High/Scope Early Childhood Curriculum
Small-Group Times for Active Learners
Ypsilanti, MI: High/Scope Press, 2007.

  • illustrates sources of ideas for small-group times, types of materials to use and how to organize them, and strategies teachers employ to support the individual ways in which children use materials during the activity and in follow-up activities
  • brings children and adults together in consistent groupings for hands-on activities based on children’s interests and developmental levels
  • gives children a chance to explore a diverse range of ideas and materials in a safe environment with a supportive adult

RBE 31     Graves, Michelle
100 Small-Group Experiences
Ypsilanti, MI: High/Scope Press, 1997. 228 p.

  • provides 100 plans for active, engaging small-group times that stimulate children’s creativity, help them learn skills and concepts, and introduce them to a wide range of new and thought-provoking experiences
  • introductory chapter explains the principles of planning for small-group times and presents strategies teachers can use to make small-group times go smoothly
  • small-group times are child-oriented; starting with observations of children’s interests and classroom behaviours and incorporate ideas that teachers gather from a wide range of sources

BehGCBE 267
CBE 627     Sosin, Deborah
Charlotte and the Quiet Place
Parallax Press, Berkeley, CA: Parallax Press, 2015.

  • Charlotte longs for a quiet place; everywhere she goes it is noisy
  • while chasing her dog, Otto, Charlotte discovers a quiet grove and fins a quiet place deep within that she can access no matter where she is or how noisy it might be


ParRBE 973
RBE 973     Keon, Julie
What I Would Tell You: One Mother’s Adventure With Medical Fragility
Victoria, British Columbia: iD2 Communications Inc., 2015. 197 p.

  • due to unexpected complications, Julie and her husband Tim’s daughter, Meredith was born with a brain injury and was diagnosed with severe Cerebral Palsy requiring significant life-long medical care
  • this book is the reflection and wisdom gathered from the first 10 years of parenting
  • an open and honest account of their emotional and learning journey which offers parents and professionals insight, courage and hope
  • topics are divided under the following headings: what I would tell you about the early days; what I would tell you about the need for support; what I would tell you about the emotional realities; what I would tell you about family life; what I would tell you about seeing the bigger picture; what I would tell you, the professional, and what I would tell you about my sweet girl

LangRBE 971
RBE 871     Weitzman, Elaine & Greenberg, Janice
ABC and Beyond: Building Emergent Literacy in Early Childhood Settings
Toronto, ON: A Hanen Centre Publication, 2010. 115 p.

  • provides practical strategies that educators can build naturally into everyday conversations and literacy activities toward the goal of preparing preschool children to learn to read and write
  • strategies are described simply and with numerous clear and beautifully illustrated examples to provide the tools to support every child’s emergent literacy development
  • building blocks covered are: oral language; vocabulary; story comprehension; language of learning; print knowledge and phonological awareness

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